Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to control HUB and HIVE batteries?

    Battery charge is controlled through a mobile application. If the battery charge drops below the limit, a message will appear in the application.

  • How to choose a GSM network operator for the HUB?

    We use a universal modem, you install any GSM card of a mobile operator that works better in the area of your apiary

  • How is the HUB base station powered?

    HUB can be supplied via the power supply (220) or by the solar panel 30 W

  • What is included in the monthly fee?

    Server data storage, mobile app update and technical support

  • How long does the battery of HIVE main block operates?

    The equipment operates on the built-in battery, for at least 1 year. After the end of its working capacity, you buy a new battery and make a replacement by yourself.

  • What are the principals of the HIVE installation?

    Installed simply with your own hands.

    Central block HIVE – can be installed in any position: in the side wall of the hive or under the cover of the hive.

    For installation in the side wall – it is necessary to drill a Ø7-8 mm hole for the probe and three more holes for self-tapping screws 4.2 * 16 mm to fix the sensor.

    For installation under the cover – for normal operation of the optical sensor, it is necessary to provide a gap between the HIVE body and the hive cover from 5 to 40 mm and not cover with anything other than the hive cover.

    IMPORTANT! When installing any of the options, it is necessary that the HIVE probe falls into the interframe space. Contact of the probe with frames and honeycombs is undesirable, since this will create conditions for sticking of the probe with wax and / or propolis.

  • What is the range of the HUB base station?

    The radius of the base station 500 to 1,500 meters, depending on the relief.

  • How much HIVE main blocks can connect to one HUB base station?

    The number of HIVE devices connected to one HUB is up to 1500 pcs.

  • On which mobile devices can I install the application?

    Our app is compatible with iOS smartphones (starting with OS 11.0 and above) and Android (from version 5.0).

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