How long does the battery of main block HIVE live?

The equipment operates on the built-in battery, which lasts at least 1 year. After the end of its working capacity, you buy a new battery and make a replacement yourself.

What features of installation?

Easy own installation. The main block - HIVE - can be installed in any orientation: on the bottom of the hive, on the side wall or the lid of the hive. To install the main block - HIVE - you need to drill a hole Ф7-8 mm for the sensor and three holes for self-tapping screws 4.2 * 16 mm to fix the sensor. Electronic SCALES - installed under the hive. For ease of installation they have adhesive tape.

What is the range of the base station?

The range of base station is 1,5 kilometers.

How much HIVE can connect to one HUB?

The number of devices accepted by HIVE is up to 1500 pcs.

On which mobile devices can install the application?

Our app is compatible with iOS smartphones (starting with OS 9.0 and above) and Android (from version 5.0).

What is included in the monthly fee?

Server data storage, mobile app update and technical support